The Past
Mr. Jimmy Jones in the recording studio, Gas Station Records, Toronto Island.
Terminal Warehouse, 1927, York Street slip.
Terminal Warehouse, 1950's, Queen's Quay West
Waiting for the ferry, c.1920's (not much has changed)
Ferry terminal 1912-1914
Ferry terminal, 1927. Note: Hanlan's Point is the main attraction. Toronto Archives. Fonds 1244, Item 1114
Waiting to return from the Island
Trillium Ferry, popular place to go paddling in the 60's....
Trillium under tow c.1973 (Ferry Ongiara in background)
Aerial view of damage from Hurricane Hazel. Oct 1 1954
Homes on West Island (removed for Airport)
Homes being moved to make way for the airport. c.1937
Hanlan's Point 1919. Toronto Public Library Acc. S 1a-192A
Hanlan's Point looking north, c.1919
Plaque at Hanlan's Point
The crowd at Hanlan's Stadium
"Diving" Horse at Hanlan's Point
Manitou Road plaque.....Jimmy Jones want's this corrected to reflect that there was not a "Casino". "The Casino Restaurant" was a snack bar, and was renown for its root beer. Heritage Toronto....Sad...
Pierson Hotel, Manitou Road, Toronto Archives Series 872, File 19
A little less of Hotel Pierson...Toronto Archives Series 872, File 19
Demolition crew Hotel Pierson. Toronto Archives Series 872, File 19
Before and after, Manitou Road / Avenue of the Islands, Toronto Island
New pier under construction, Avenue of the Islands.
Toronto, 1800's. Toronto Archives
Toronto 1909
Toronto, 1920's, Toronto Archives
Toronto, 1930's, Toronto Archives
Toronto 1957, Toronto Archives
Toronto 1967, Toronto Archives